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Third of the season - beat Curry Thompson won

Posted time: 2016.02.15


NBA All-Star Game single open, three-point contest, Craig - Thompson beat Team - Stephen Curry, become a champion.

Curry and teammate Craig - Thompson participated in two consecutive three-point contest. In addition to "spray brothers", and James - Harden, Chris - Middleton, Kyle - Lori, JJ- Reddick, German - Booker and CJ- McCollum. Since Chris Bosh - retire because of injury, replaced by McCollum become.

Before third contest began, Bradley Richmond - also Green and comedian Kevin - Hart to a friendly match. Green as a professional player, the first appearance, scored 11 points. And Hart then open vote, the first point actually all black, a miss. But then he is getting better, shooting again and again, he even hit a record pointer by the Cavaliers managed to defeat Green.

[Third contest in the first round]

Thompson first appearance. Like last year he will spend on the last ball of the left corner, he won a total of 22 points.

Harden second appearance, took the ball in the middle, he hit six curd, and finally scored 20 points.

Reddick full in the first point, the second point, only to hit a last bouquet basket in general, he hit a total of five flower, also got 20 points.

Middleton slow shot, hit rate is not high, eventually had 13 points.

After the little things rest, another four players take turns playing. Booker nervous rookie, the first 4 vote total loss, but then more and more accurate, hit consecutive four flower balls, eventually scored 20 points.

McCollum missed all six shots in front, back has improved, but in the end only 14 points.

Lori home game, spent the shots well, had 15 points.

Curry last appearance. The first three missed shots, but after getting better, the whole five goals in the middle, even once in 11 balls. He was a bit careless, surprisingly slow shot after the ball hit the buzzer flower, had only 21 points, thrilling finals.


Since there are three people had 20 points, round of playoff. 30 seconds Neiha Deng scored 8 points.

Reddick first vote took the ball, the first point scored eight points, but then turned again and again not in, only 9 points.

Booker is the first vote curd, and finally got 12 points, grabbed a quota into the finals, with Curry and Thompson compete for the final championship.

[Third contest finals]

Booker first appearance. He just got "Flower ball specialist" in the title, but immediately hit the face, took the first four point ball did not enter, and finally had 16 points.

Championship bouts almost between Curry and Thompson.

Curry first appearance. The first point in the whole, even in the opening seven goals. Road End cast, he has scored 13 points. The last point hit three curd, had 23 points.

Curry scored 27 points to a record last year, the 23 points is not too high, can defend, to see the Thompson. "God soup" The first point scored four points, even in the 8-ball, throw Road End, he also had 13 points for Houston.

The last basket of the flower, "God soup" all the hits, scored the final 27 points, tying last year's record library, a new branch "third king." "Spray brother" laugh, clap to celebrate. Thompson won the "third king" trophy, finally got his wish.



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