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NBA 2K16 MT mode scoring defender Recommended

Posted time: 2016.02.03


Many players do not understand the "NBA 2K16" MT mode which SG easy to use, the following for everyone to bring "NBA 2K16" MT mode Detailed scoring defender.

NBA 2K16 MT mode scoring defender Recommended

 James Harden

Currently the most active value SG


Perfect also partial short height and distance a bit (198) but very strong (strength values ​​are 72 ... Many 4,5-bit no dengue strong ....)

Running and jumping ability is not the top, but it is absolutely first-class standard, as well as top fouls ... .. (2K gave him value foul 95 ....) With double 95+ layup ability, reached inside after screens .. that picture is so beautiful ...

Top PG's ability to pass the ball well suited to play pick and roll originator.

Step back signature move is very easy to use, you can use the 3-point line around Bukkake each other, with a large cross-step amplitude step inside Europe very lethal terror.


CIC deviation points, three points but not the ability to 80+ corner specialist badges, the more junk defense, defensive end can see also touched upon intercepting a pass this one more prominent.

The main point, Harden positioned MT which will be very embarrassed, all values ​​have Harden said he was the ball that diamond players without the ball can only be a gold-level players ... .. This means that if you there is a very good PG, then the ball is how to allocate you the headache (especially dengue situation is not gnaw defense under ...)

88 Jordan

The current card among the strongest in my mind SG


Top running and jumping ability, Jordan exclusive operation of the hidden bonus (accelerating particularly fast, the pace is particularly large, picturesque beauty back ....) Diamond level inside capacity (layup, dunk, back behind Yang feel a whole 90+ full heat immediately 99), on behalf of the break flow animals should be second only to the dengue fouls (90), a full 36 badge (you know dengue was 25 ....) perfect defense (perimeter blockade person, Pirates players, interceptor, etc ....), often a game down, not the main times, but we can simply rely on the fast break to put forward more than 20 points, 4,5 free throws, but encountered little sg time, I especially like to play with Jordan back back, super high hit rate (but it is more time-consuming, relatively less).


Disaster level 3 points ... .. often see opponents packed inside, 3-point line a large space, the station is found Jordan ....... Besides I seem to think of any other shortcomings ... .. 88 Joe, of course, the distance is not very high .... I could very accurate ah! ! !

This is definitely a long golden skin, but it is the level of SG amethyst card! With this card you will find the fast break faster, and increase your defense a full grade, playing Championship when no longer have to worry about not enough free throw attempts 10 times! Incidentally, I note the time fighting a war, no one can prevent maintained my Jordan .... (Because online more cards, with Jordan terror acceleration ... ..).

Craig Thompson


3D players aristocratic, badge small but useful for all three double points 90+, with badges and comfortable hand speed ball shooting terrible, defensive end who has the most significant external blockade badges, with their height 123 bits can defend.

Tactical significance is very large.


Almost no ability to customize the offense (speed 70-something, is not very strong, but the lack of extraordinary badge support) running and jumping ability to the point difference (even though Thompson running and jumping ability seems to make no sense ......)

Jimmy Butler

Contact Craig Thompson very much like positioning, even badges are almost identical.

Simply speaking Butler is cast a weaker version, but running and jumping enhanced version of Craig Thompson.

And Butler's defense is more aggressive compared to the Cray, and thanks to the speed, trans.pts Bike Lei much stronger, and occasionally also buttoned blue, ornamental better than Craig.

The disadvantage is that as a 3D player 3 points is not the top.


Under this first statement I do not have this card.

The following remarks purely data comparison.

Advantages: tall, attack range includes three points, CIC, inside (the main value of the whole more than 80), there is a jump back body (for tall, power is also more excellent glider, the marketer will turn around jumper he became very offensive no solution).

Cons: speed is not the top, compared to 88 Joe, under the fast break ability of weak, but there is not even marksman badge (of course, you can give him a plus) view of the property did not pass the ball particularly well (which is not with history in line ah.) is more suitable when a Terminator, not the initiator.

Bryant Kobe

Division I is honey, but not brain damage honey, honey is the same, do not bite me.

Under the first General Comments

Not recommended to use this card


Cheap, picturesque beauty back, stand up jumper values ​​are also considered top-level, considered accurate passing on the offensive end of the reasonable distribution of badges, can still play a little with the tactics of combat power.


Almost crippled speed, spent almost three minutes and unstable middle distance, without any extraordinary badge, basically by not even think Kobe extraordinary, and although there are no black spots defense, but definitely not on. . . This card is not your impression of Bryant, and if you do not have to use iron, then Bryant, Jimmy Butler Laoke than strong.

Do not say, Laoke see a ball game a little.


Heroes twilight of another masterpiece

But Wade fans than Kobe fans still a little lucky, at least the game is actually fairly Li Weide can be used.


Invested in convergence inside is OK, with the badge and the extraordinary speed of 80 can still (of course more dependent operation, the with reality is also very close).


The above advantages are almost sturdily, Wade ability value compared to Butler (Butler Zhang really good card) is advantageous in that pass the ball much more powerful, but they value the ability overall rating is the same .

Pass the ball good players better suited to play ball, and Wade in fact a MT lineup has not let him inside the ball (the worst point is that he is good enough ....)

That relative merits Wade Butler almost play out, but Butler and in addition to pass the ball inside weaker than Wade, his cast, there are three points are much better than the defensive Wade .


Have to play with Wade is not not let him attack the ball, he can still score, but you have to pay is not smooth attack, hit rate general consequences.

McGrady Raptors

Speculation is the fire before a card

He seems to use a card of Guards


Tall (SF-level height) registration advantage (the ball can be considered multi-purpose back playing) CIC has three points, including the cast fairly good, good bounce, ferocious dunk, fast break can be considered a beast. If there is a reasonable offense, McGrady can play much higher than his overall rating data.


Mess slag pass the ball to McGrady hand, encountered little sandwich is basically coming out of mistakes, but also by the amount of fast-break play McGrady to an end, rather than let him pass. Missing badge extraordinary support defense slag slag (but good marketer cap, well in fact, we can not say with poor defense.)

General Comments

Very good finisher, if done properly does not become defensive shortcomings, but do not let McGrady caught by the amount you want to position the ball, his passing will make you cry


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