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Knights five-game winning streak

Posted time: 2016.02.02


Knight Away overtime to beat the Pacers 111-106.
Knights five-game winning streak. LeBron - James scored 24 points, 12 rebounds and six assists, Carey - Owen 25 points and seven assists, Kevin - Loew 19 points and eight rebounds, JR- Smith scored 19 points, Terry Stan - Thompson scored 14 points and 12 rebounds.Pacers two-game winning streak end. George - George Hill scored 23 points and five rebounds, Jordan - Hill 17 points, Monta - Ellis 14 points and five assists, Myers - Turner had 14 points and 10 rebounds, "Pickle" - Paul George only 3 of 15 shots, scored 11 points. Solomon bench - Hill 10 points.


Coaching change, such as tool change, the Knights coach Tyrone - LU after taking office, efforts to enhance the team's rhythm, get immediate results. They had won four straight, including the first beat the top teams, victory over the Spurs.Walker was also a strong contender east, despite the recent poor state, but the Cavaliers are still chances. They first half, a massive attack, once double-digit advantage, but lost touch in the third quarter, the situation suddenly becomes complicated.
Loew broke new system, becoming one worthy of the "Big Three." Previous two games, Lufkin, James and Owen all three scored 20 points or more. Today Loew remains hot hand, after the opening he hit consecutive, one shot 5-0, James and Owen have been fed the ball to him, they also have been shot afterwards. Knight quickly opened the gap, the first section have 1 minute 19 seconds, Thompson dunks succeeded, the Cavaliers to 33-19 lead. Joe - Young hit consecutive shots, the Pacers broke out at the last minute, play 7-0, this section only 26-33 behind.
Knight in the second quarter remained ahead. In this section there are 7 minutes 33 seconds, James break layup, leading the Cavaliers to 45-33. Aaron Hill and two successive shots fired back, the Pacers 6-0, launched a counterattack. In this section there are 3 minutes and 54 seconds, George - Hill hit third, the Pacers to 44-47 behind only. Fired back layup, Knight regain feeling, this section of the final 20 seconds, James one scored 4 points, he first hit two free throws, then steals succeeded, in fast-break dunks succeeded, the Cavaliers to 60-49 Halftime.

Knight suddenly in trouble, Section played nearly four minutes later, they just hit a ball. Pacers inside and outside the bloom, Ellis and George - Hill have been hit three-pointers, hit a wave of 12-2, the only to 61-62 behind. Smith hit the third twice, in this section have 1 minute 37 seconds when the Cavaliers to 73-72 lead again, but Myers is also in the third, the Pacers 79-75 end of the first three quarters. This section 30-15 victory over the Pacers.
Knight had lost touch strengthen the defense, the two sides fight to the last minute. More than half of the fourth quarter, Irving hit the third, the two sides battle 89-89. Knight failed to score 4 minutes thereafter, this section have 1 minute 58 seconds when Smith hit the third, James breakthrough thereafter hit a plate, the Cavaliers to 94-93 lead.
Walker also failed to score within three minutes, this section there are 53.7 seconds, the George - Hill third succeeded, they once again exceed 96-94. Less than 10 seconds later, Owen inside the restricted area shooting, the two sides draw. Pacers a key shots, Loew rebound when a foul. Pacers get a chance last shot, Ellis buzzer vote of no, the two sides to 96-96 into overtime.

Pacers scored the first overtime, but Loew also to third, then scored four points Irving, Cavaliers to 103-100 lead.

Walkers will narrow the gap to 1 point after Owen not in the third, but James grabbed a key offensive rebounds. In desperation, the Pacers had to foul, hit two free throws after Owen Knights in the game when there are 13.7 seconds to 109-106 lead. Pacers still shot, James hit two free throws to seal the victory the Knights.

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