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Pacers Rockets capture three straight overtime

Posted time: 2016.01.11


IV rocket under circumstances behind the double-digit comeback, when added to 107-103 Lectra Pacers home.

Rockets (19-19) three consecutive victories to regain .500. James - Harden scored 21 points, nine rebounds and nine assists, and Dwight - Howard scored 21 points and 17 rebounds, Trevor - Trevor Ariza 24 points and five rebounds, Patrick - Beverly 16 points. Rocket audience turnovers to 22 times.

End the Pacers (21-16) two-game winning streak. "Pickle" - Paul George scored 20 points, Ian - Maxin Mi 13 points and seven rebounds, George - Hill 13 points, five rebounds and five assists, Monta - Ellis 11 points and 13 assists.

Walker recently discovered, no "Pickle" play well they might pass. Last 10 games, an average of only George 19.3 points per game, shooting only 35.5%, while in the previous 26 games, he averaged 26.6 points scored, the hit rate has reached 43.4 percent.

The two teams have a lot of mistakes. Rocket per 100 possessions 16.6 times for second in the league and more, and the Pacers have 16.5 times.

Who can control the mistakes, we can seize the initiative, both teams proved it today. Fewer mistakes Pacers prevail most of the time.

Beverly shortly after the opening twice hit the third, the Rockets to 8-0 start. After playing half of this section, Harden turned and shot, the Rockets to a 18-9 lead. Hill offense, pass, Walker quick counterattack, play 6-0, the gap narrowed. After the Rockets opened the gap again to 26-18, the Pacers in this section last 1 minute twice "three-point play" successful, the first section only 24-28 behind.

Howard in good condition, II began shortly after his alley-oop layup, Brewer hit the third, the Rockets to a 37-28 lead. But they hit rate has dropped since then, the Pacers shot a wave of 9-2, only to 37-39 behind. Pacers Yuezhanyueyong, outside also find the feeling, after Hill and Myers hit consecutive long shot, they exceed 50-45. Harden also to a record one-third, the Rockets first half to 48-50 behind.

The third quarter and 8 minutes and 15 seconds, the Rockets are still 53-55 behind. George third hit twice, after the Pacers shot 10-2, more than half of this section, they double-digit lead 65-55. Rockets in six minutes, not shooting, this section there are 2 minutes 26 seconds, Harden was succeeded by a third, but George soon also to third, one scored 6 points, the Pacers to 77-64 before the end of three.

In the first section of the rocket only good defense, get the chance to fight back several times, then three, became the Pacers continued to fight back, the Rockets also fell under the wind. The fourth quarter and 6 minutes and 42 seconds, Hill hit a ball, the Pacers still 88-76 lead. Houston began a massive counter-attack, Harden break layup, Ariza hit third twice, in this section there are 2 minutes and 58 seconds, they finished 12-1 after wave of attacks, only to 88-89 behind.

Critical moment, the cast hit Ellis, while the Rockets offensive foul, Maxin Mi hook shot, the Pacers to 93-88 hold its ground. Harden hit two free throws, the Rockets steals succeeded, the opportunity to continue approaching, but Beverly fast-break layup was blocked shots. The two sides have been shot for 3 points behind, in this section there are 22.3 seconds, the Pacers turnovers, the Rockets get the last attack of opportunity.

Beverly minute break after the ball, Ariza get the chance on the outside, three hits, in this section there are 17 seconds to tie it at 93-93. Pacers final vote, the two sides into overtime.

Rockets in overtime consecutive errors, the Pacers 6-0. Critical moment, Harden twice assists, Trevor Ariza and Beverly each hit a three-pointers, in the game 1 minute 13 seconds, the Rockets to 102-101 exceeded.

Ellis High dumped in a ball, the Rockets patient passing, 40.9 seconds in the game when, Beverly third hit, leading the Rockets to 105-103. Plus by the time the main pedestrian Ellis, but he twice after the break shot. The game should not be two seconds, Harden Houchangchangzhuan, Ariza front of empty, easy dunk, the Rockets victory.


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