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Rockets 15 points reversal win over Jazz

Posted time: 2016.01.05


Rockets (17-19) end four-game losing streak. James - Harden was 9 of 25, scored 30 points, seven assists and five rebounds, Dwight - Howard 16 points and 13 rebounds, and Trevor - Trevor Ariza 13 points, Patrick - Beverly 10 minutes.
End Jazz (15-18) two-game winning streak. Rodney - Hood 5 of 6 from three-pointers, scored 23 points and seven assists, Gordon - Hayward 20 points and seven rebounds, Trey - Liles 13 points.
West fierce, in addition to the top four teams, each of the other teams did not differ much. Rockets winning percentage of less than 50%, still temporarily in eighth, while less than 50 percent the same, Sir, but ahead of the rocket.

Christmas Rockets beat the Spurs, once so they Xinxinbaopeng, but then Lien-game losing streak, was shot prototype. Today jazz and ranked them close to their territories, the Rockets played extremely difficult.

Howard an opening on an alley-oop dunk, the Rockets to a 9-4 start. Jazz also immediately enter the state, the two sides began to tug of war early. In this section there are 3 minutes and 57 seconds, Howard once again alley-oop dunk, the Rockets to a 18-15 lead. Hood also to third immediately, jazz in the match. Ariza also hit a record third, Brooks at the time this section will end succeeded long shot, the Rockets played 10-3 after the first section to 28-21 lead. Jazz In this section, the final 3 minutes 35 seconds, only to hit a ball.

Sir fire broke out in the second quarter. After the beginning of this section, Hood hit two consecutive three-pointers, the Jazz began to counterattack. After the Rockets opened the gap slightly to 37-30, Hood once again hit the third, the Jazz scored seven points in the match. In this section there are 3 minutes, twice after Hayward third succeeded, jazz to 47-45 lead. After they played 19-2, in this section there are 9.9 seconds when 58-45 lead. Harden hit a record pointer by the Cavaliers, the Rockets are still 48-58 behind the first half. Jazz scored 37 points in this section.
Sir Outside outbreak. The third quarter and 4 minutes and 29 seconds, Johnson third succeeded, they lead to 72-57 with 15 points. Harden wake up, also on the outside with a record one-third, then he hit consecutive shots, one shot 14-5 wave of attacks, the Rockets will recover as the score was 69-77.
Under Harden led the Rockets to see the comeback hopes. After the fourth quarter began, Harden assists and teammate, followed his own two-thirds vote, the Rockets played after wave of attacks 12-2, in this section and 7 minutes and 31 seconds to 81-79 exceeded.

The two sides re-enter the tug of war, the game there are four minutes, Hayward hit two free throws, the Jazz lead to 86-85. Terry succeeded in fast-break finger roll, the Rockets ahead again, Harden thereafter an attack of a pass, the Rockets scored 6 points in the game 1 minute 31 seconds to 91-87 lead.

Jazz in four minutes, not shooting, when the game 1 minute 16 seconds, they only made Hood shooting inside the area, chasing the score 89-91. Harden missed consecutive shots, gave the Jazz a chance, but Weiser key moment actually missed dunk.

In desperation, the Jazz had to foul tactics. Terry made two free throws only one, to Sir 15.9 seconds left. Hood once again get the opportunity, beyond the arc caused by foul, but only two of his three free throws, the Jazz still 1 point behind.

Terry is also two free throws, the Rockets only 2 points ahead. However, he did not punish the second ball after the Jazz got the rebound, only 0.9 seconds, no time to attack, jazz still fall short.

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