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NBA 2K16 is eligible for the best

Posted time: 2016.01.04


The end of the season, the major domestic and foreign sites have launched their own "annual award" feature, Polygon has not been immune, the site of two gaming experts Samit Sarkar and Owen Good Coalition for everyone commented on this year's popular sports games, and We selected the best works of the year in their mind.

American Professional Hockey League 16
2015 will be important for EA's NHL series, it was re-launched in the year to the gaming market. New work not only bring back the "NHL 15" series features missing, and also updated the gameplay. While this does not mean that "NHL 16" reached a certain peak, but at least the NHL series is moving in the right direction. At the same time, EA also for "NHL 16" offers a range of after-sales service, pay more attention to updates, bug fixes, and adjust the gameplay. Although compared to other games, these are the basic details of the work, but EA of this effort is still worth mentioning.

Rory McIlroy PGA Tour
EA's new this year, "McIlroy PGA Tour" by many players of all ages, but they make too much of this new series of works with the Tiger Woods PGA Tour, for comparison. This place is puzzling game, career mode, there's no real golf course, so players act as no real feeling PGA golfers, and more is to attend successive game Bale.

Madden NFL 16
Madden NFL 16 is the most attractive place new draft mode. This new model is very challenging, so players get a better gaming experience. Let the game pass the ball more vivid real action, players responsible for passing the object is selected, the computer will automatically handle the ball. This is the major changes in the game play made.

Rocket Leagu
Released in July this year, "Rockets Union Rocket Leagu" fiery effect caused has continued to the present. The game's concept is very strange idea - use full fuel rocket vehicle of human beings instead of the traditional football game, allowing the player to instantly fall in love with the game. Gameplay is also very interesting, when one party after goal, the rest will be subject to the rainbow explosion, and return to the starting position. As a highly competitive game, "Rockets alliance" is very suitable for e-sports.

Turning to the NBA 2K when, Owen indicated that it is currently the major sports games best game series, 2K Game on the game put a lot of money and time, and constantly adding new elements. Compared to other games, 2K16 level of integration is best, more focus on multiplayer mode, which makes it all the sports game as the benchmark of, so NBA 2K 16 Best Sports Game of the Year title absolute It is deserved.

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