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Bryant insisted played with the injury

Posted time: 2015.12.28


Los Angeles Lakers 96-112 loss to the Memphis Grizzlies on the road, Bryant scored 19 points to play two.after game,Scott revealed that Bryant is played with the injury, the match went to the site in order not to disappoint the fans, Bryant insisted the competition and had a strong showing, but Bryant said guest will attend tomorrow's game against the Hornets.



Scott describes some of Bryant's knee pain, for Bryant's performance, he commented:"In my opinion, he is no different, he still played very hard."

For his knee condition, Bryant said: "Honestly, I should not be playing today, but when I sat on the bus to see so many fans, I think that if they do not fight, will feel very bad."

If time could turn the clock back, Bryant will tell yourself what youth do? Bryant said: "Understanding compassion and sympathy, of course, these learning needs time to do it slowly."

Then, he further explained:. "I think the most important thing is to become a leader, to win the championship is to understand how to put you into the shoes of other people, it really is the most important show of their personal technology is not very important to understand your teammates. When you can do that, they will have better communication. "

The Lakers face the Grizzlies, the reporters will mention Tony - Allen, Bryant commented: "He has been doing research, he is an old-school player, he will carefully watch the video to understand the opponent's case, before you rush They will appear at the position you want to go. "

Bryant then also talked about some of the features of the Union, he said:. "In this league, there will always be a big ticket followers when the team won the championship, each team will be imitated, want mode to replicate the winning team. For a team, to do is to give full play to your strengths. If they can win, then the other team will try to emulate their practices. "

Everyone most concerned about is whether Bryant Charlotte debut tomorrow, because this will be his last career race at Charlotte, Bryant replied:"I certainly will do battle preparation".

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