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Rockets fired McHale

Posted time: 2015.11.19


According to Yahoo Werner Rawski it reported that the rocket fired coach Kevin McHale. McHale also became the first team this season to be sacked coach.
Since the start of the season to give Lawson and Thornton, leaving Beverly poor Brewer, Terry rocket performance, start three-game losing streak, have lost 20 points per game. After the four-game winning streak did not last long, and lost its fourth straight, 4 wins and 7 losses record for management to lose patience
According to Yahoo Sports reported that an assistant coach JB- will serve as interim coach Bernie Bickerstaff, Chris - Finch will serve as joint coach. Both joined the Rockets as a teaching assistant in 2011.

2011 McHale took over as Rockets coach Rick Adelman, as during the player, he had the Celtics played 13 seasons, winning three championships, seven-time All-Star. McHale's coaching career began in 2005 in Minnesota.

McHale at the beginning of last season when the Rockets to three years more than 12 million US dollars of fully guaranteed contract extension last season, when he led the Rockets to coach the Western Conference finals. In addition to this season, McHale coached the Rockets winning percentage in excess of 50%.



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