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Curry 2k16 ability value increases

Posted time: 2015.11.09


After last season to win the regular season MVP, the outside world that this is the pinnacle of the Curry made, however, experienced a offseason, the library has not only degraded, but getting better, in the first five games of the season game, he averaged 35.8 points and five rebounds to get 5.8 assists while shooting 57%, 52% three-point shot, and led the Warriors to start to get five in a row.


Curry 2K16 ability value increases James

2K Sports is clearly also noted the strong performance of the library, they will increase the value of God's ability to sprout 1 grid, from 93 into a 94, tied James, since 2010, LeBron has been occupying the top of the seats, even Few players can approach the value of his ability, but now, the library is to break this pattern, from the ability to adjust the value point of view, at least NBA 2K16 also has default, Curry, James has become the biggest threat, and even the future the league is expected to take away people's throne from Zhan Huang hands.

In addition to the library, but according to the performance start to the season, have the ability to increase the value of some of the players are, which involved Russell - Westbrook, Andre - Drummond, Blake - Griffin, Brad Deli - Bill and Boer Tianjin Gisborne.

Westbrook was able to get five battlefield 28.6 points 10.6 rebounds and seven assists, including a third in the NBA in scoring, assists ranked first in the league; Drummond averaging 20.3 points 19.5 rebounds and 1.8 blocks, is the league in rebounding, it is a war against the Pacers got 25 points and 29 rebounds; Griffin has been playing steady, averaging 28.2 points 9.4 rebounds to get; Bill averaging 25.3 points 4.5 rebounds last game against the Spurs a war, he completed 0.3 seconds quasi-lore; the 4th Kyrgyz show Boer Tianjin has become a key member of the Knicks inside, averaged 12 points 7.4 rebounds 1.2 times blocks 1.8 steals.

Of course, there goes up must come down, due to the poor performance start to the season, some of the value of the player's ability is to be lowered, including James - Harden, Kobe Bryant, Derek - Ross, Tony - Tony Parker, Joe - Johnson and Dean Ji Luo - Russell.

As a first league point guard, Harden season, averaging five battlefield 23.8 points, 6.2 rebounds and five assists, but shot just 29.4 percent, three-point shooting is up 16.4%, also facing Bryant efficiency problem, kobe averaging 15.8 points 2.5 rebounds and four assists, but shooting was 32.3%, the third hit rate of 20.6%.


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